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Creating new branding, designing the latest websites, packaging, implementing 1st-page SEO programmes and building effective marketing strategies... AMDM is a brand design agency based in Ipswich with more than 20 years proven experience in design and direct marketing, we have a large portfolio of winning designs and a significant track record in successful marketing.


Working with large and small businesses, our work is both digital and traditional print based, moving between printed brochure design, retail packaging and online digital marketing is second nature. Contact us for a quote or to find out more about our services.

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Spotlight on AMDM project: Spirit Yachts


Brand Design - Spirit Yachts


   The initial brief from Spirit Yachts: "...help us create and build our relatively unknown local boat yard into a global brand"


THE BRIEF: To review the existing sales, advertising and marketing programme / create and build a global brand / define an effective marketing strategy / cost, manage and implement / ongoing support and reporting... the objectives like most design and marketing briefs are to achieve more enquiries and get more orders - this is the measure of success.


THE STRATEGY: We repositioned Spirit Yachts as 'The Ultimate Modern Classic', focusing on their unique and highly specialised design and boat building skills. 'Hand crafted in England' aligned their product with the likes of 'Aston Martin' car manufactures... at the time a very ambitious task, almost unreachable. First off - a contemporary corporate identity and website, then media/PR/ direct marketing campaigning.


IMPLEMENTATION: Direct & Digital Marketing


- Corporate ID

- Website Design & Digital Marketing / SEO

- Direct Marketing (a) Digital (b) Traditional 'Offline'

- Display Advertising

- PR & Media Planning

- Social Media / YouTube Channel Video & Film Photography

- PR & Exhibitions



Spirit Yachts Brand logo design

Direct Marketing


AMDM delivers full Media &  Advertising Campaigning

Website Design Ipswich

Digital Marketing


AMDM provides a full set of digital marketing services which can be tailored to your specific requirements:


- eMail Campaigns

- SEO, Google 'Organic' list managing


- Google Analytics

- Complete and comprehensive campaign tracking reporting

- 24/7 client access portals


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